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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

We are trying to find out what you think about Sheffield's parks, green spaces and woodlands

You Said

The data hasn't yet been fully analysed, however it is forming a crucial part of an open space project which is been carried out via an external organisation through Regeneration and Development Services and will influence the work we do here at Parks and Countryside moving forwards. We will be utilising feedback to help us plan park improvements and will be looking at the survey in more detail in the coming period.

We Did

Where improvements are proposed for sites e.g. project work – we have been utilising site specific comments to influence plans and to identify customer need.  Where customers have provided their details we have been able to contact them with further surveys and information which directly relate to their local area (looking at postcodes). Maintenance and management tasks have been carried out as a result of some comments (e.g. review of footpath and encroaching vegetation at Beighton Marsh and Sheffield Standard reassessment)– including forwarding of some suggestions / comments to the Public Rights of Way Team for action / information.

We Asked

The consultation asked for feedback on proposed changes to Sheffield City Council's Corporate Grant Aid, that provides grant funding for voluntary sector activity, which would take effect from April 2017. The consultation asked for feedback both on principles and priorities for the proposed funds and on process issues.

You Said

There were 71 responses to the online consultation, including from 14 current Grant Aid recipient organisations.

There was clear preference for multi-year grant awards and for funding to still be available to support core costs. VCF representation on the grant award advisory panel was also welcomed, although there wasconcern about how such a representative would be recruited. There was general support for a shift to an outcomes focused approach, although a range of concerns were identified in the sector's readiness to think about their services in terms of outcomes and what support would be available and whether the data and evidence gathering required would be proportionate to the funding available and whether it would detract from service delivery.



We Did

The responses having given a steer to the following decisions:

  • Generally Funding agreements will be offered for 3-years for all grant aid funds, except the Lunch Club Fund, which will offer 2-year grants.
  • The general principle when considering the grant award amount will be to award the full amount requested rather than to make a partial award to more organisations.
  • The minimum grant award will be £10,000 rather than the proposed £15,000.
  • VCF representation will be included on the award recommendation panel.  Further consideration will be given to the method of recruitment.
  • Consultation did not provide a clear steer on favoured  priorities for the infrastructure fund, therefore the proposed fund will invite applications against the original four proposed priorities.
  • Applicants to the infrastructure fund will be expected to prioritise any grant funded service to organisations that represent and work with the most disadvantaged communities or in the most deprived areas of the city.
  • There was a clear preference not to exclude organisations currently in receipt of Grant Aid to be able to apply to the Tackling Inequalities Fund, therefore organisations who currently get Grant Aid funding will be able to apply to this fund, which will be open for applications in 2017 and will make awards from July 2017.
  • Consideration will be given to how the application form and assessment criteria can ensure sucessful applications can demonstrate they are cohesion building.
  • The feedback from the consultation will inform how outcome measures are agreed with successful applicants.



We Asked

The survey asked a number of questions that relate to local services.  The have been agreed with local councillors from the ward.  We asked people to suggest how satisfied they are with these services, and provided some space for additional information about their neighbourhood and what can be done to make it an even better place to live.

You Said

Participant where asked to show how satisfies they are with each of the following: Advice Services (Including debt advice); Activities for Teenagers; Housing; Street Cleanliness; Community Activities; Access to the Internet; Education Provision – Including Adult Learning; Facilities for Young Children; Health Services; Job Prospects; Parks, Open Spaces, Sports and Leisure;  and Public Transport.

The survey shows there is high level of dissatisfaction with activities for children of all ages and a feeling that there is a lack of suitable play facilities in particular.  ‘Street Cleanliness’ also scored high on dissatisfaction, as did access to ‘Public Transport’.  Overall ‘Clean Streets’ and ‘Public Transport’ were identified as the highest priorities for the area.

We Did

The East Local Area Partnership has since held a roadshow event with representative from the services highlighted in the survey,  this has enabled them to respond directly to local residents.  The information from the survey has also fed into the process for identifying the priorities for the Manor and Castle Ward, for the period 2016/17. The ward priorities are used to help members make decisions about how they allocate ‘Ward Pot’ funding.  

You can read more about the East LAP, ‘Ward Priorities’ and ‘Ward Pots’ by following this link