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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Below are some of the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes.

We Asked

The survey asked a number of questions that relate to local services.  The have been agreed with local councillors from the ward.  We asked people to suggest how satisfied they are with these services, and provided some space for additional information about their neighbourhood and what can be done to make it an even better place to live.

You Said

Participant where asked to show how satisfies they are with each of the following: Advice Services (Including debt advice); Activities for Teenagers; Housing; Street Cleanliness; Community Activities; Access to the Internet; Education Provision – Including Adult Learning; Facilities for Young Children; Health Services; Job Prospects; Parks, Open Spaces, Sports and Leisure;  and Public Transport.

The survey shows there is high level of dissatisfaction with activities for children of all ages and a feeling that there is a lack of suitable play facilities in particular.  ‘Street Cleanliness’ also scored high on dissatisfaction, as did access to ‘Public Transport’.  Overall ‘Clean Streets’ and ‘Public Transport’ were identified as the highest priorities for the area.

We Did

The East Local Area Partnership has since held a roadshow event with representative from the services highlighted in the survey,  this has enabled them to respond directly to local residents.  The information from the survey has also fed into the process for identifying the priorities for the Manor and Castle Ward, for the period 2016/17. The ward priorities are used to help members make decisions about how they allocate ‘Ward Pot’ funding.  

You can read more about the East LAP, ‘Ward Priorities’ and ‘Ward Pots’ by following this link

We Asked

As part of consultation on the City Council’s budget for 2016-17, our survey invited people to have their say on the following areas:

  • What services do you want the Council to concentrate on protecting now and in the future?
  • Ideas or comments about how the financial pressure on services in Sheffield should be handled?
  • Impact of the changes the Council has had to make?

You Said

The survey elicited a range of views from 100 respondents. The vast majority were concerned about how the need to spend less money on services in Sheffield would affect them. Most frequent responses on handling the financial pressure related to reducing management/admin costs and making further efficiencies, alongside reviewing contracts, more community run services, focussing on core services and the most vulnerable, and getting people into employment. Other suggestions included increasing Council Tax, lobbying government, increasing digital/automation, selling off assets, focussing on upstream prevention, more recycling, and encouraging business/devolution. There were also comments around appreciation of the scale of the challenge, the need for care over choice of cuts, as well as some views that some of the cuts should have been done earlier.

We also asked people about how changes had impacted on them personally, on their neighbourhoods and on the city as a whole. 85% of people who responded to the survey reported that they had seen an impact, although a small but significant proportion of people didn’t feel they had felt any impact as a result of the cuts to the council’s budget.

The most frequently mentioned areas of impact from changes included waste collection, social care, libraries, public transport, and roads. Other frequently mentioned areas included litter and street cleaning, lack of progress on city centre regeneration, youth services, parks, and physical activity/sports activities.

Budget priorities have been influenced by consultation activity undertaken over recent years that has consistently confirmed public support for protecting services for the most vulnerable. This year public feedback on our guiding principles has supported our approach to:

  • operate efficiently as an organisation
  • develop solutions for the longer term
  • take early preventative action
  • focus on people with the greatest need
  • work with our communities to deliver services in a different way

Other significant areas that people wanted the Council to concentrate on protecting, now and in the future, included Parks, Housing, Transport & Roads, Education, Employment, and Libraries.


We Did

The budget survey, public consultation events and consultation with people about proposals on particular areas elicited an extensive range of comments which helped to inform our overall thinking on the budget.

Further details on the consultation including a short video, details of our Budget Implementation Plans for 2013/14 to 2015/16, presentations from the public events in November 2015 and January 2016, and feedback on other budget related consultations can be found at:

Sheffield City Council budget 2016/17: Have your say

Details of the City Council’s Revenue Budget and Capital Programme 2016/17 passed at the Council Meeting on 4th March 2016 can be found at:

Sheffield City Council – Budget Council, Friday 4 March 2016

We Asked

The survey included a number of open questions about the proposed Agreement, enabling respondents to offer written (ie. free text) comments, questions and thoughts without the limitations of tick box responses.  The survey was also designed to be non-linear, ensuring that people could answer the questions that most interested them and ignore the ones that did not.

The online consultation ran from 2nd December 2015 to 15th January 2016 and attracted 245 responses from across SCR. 

Further, it is important to recognise that while the survey provides an important and useful perspective of people in SCR on the devolution proposals, it is a relatively small sample and is relatively unrepresentative of some key population groups (eg. under 25s).

You Said

Key trends and perspectives from the responses:

  • Positive support throughout for principle of stronger local control of decision-making
  • Recognition of the impact that specific policy areas could have on SCR and the local economy
  • Negative perceptions of the need for an elected mayor – mainly due to creation of additional bureaucracy; complexity with existing arrangements; outcome of 2012 city mayor referenda
  • Real need for clarity about the geographical scope of the mayoral arrangement and powers, particularly for East Midlands districts
  • Positive about potential for more devolution, particularly once the current set of proposals have been implemented. Suggestions are ambitious and radical including tax raising powers, all skills, public transport, education and health.

We Did

You can find the Initial feedback (Powerpoint), the Report to Full Council Sheffield City Region (SCR) Devolution Agreement: Ratification of the Proposal, and a Summary of the Consultation Results at the front of this consultation.