Changes to children's NHS funded short breaks

Closed 28 Mar 2018

Opened 14 Feb 2018


This consultation is about children’s NHS short breaks or respite care for children with complex neuro-disability, multiple and profound physical and learning disability and for children with life-limiting conditions and some changes we would like to make as a result of talking to families and health professionals and our partners in social care over the last couple of years.
We want to make sure that NHS funded short breaks services for children with complex
health needs are:
• Fair for families
• Easy for families to access
• Flexible for families

Why We Are Consulting

We would like to hear your views about our plans to:

Introduce a single assessment process
We are proposing to create a single assessment process for NHS short breaks services that links with Children’s Continuing Care and the city council’s assessment processes for short breaks.

Introduce a new system for allocating short breaks
We are proposing to introduce a banding system so that there is a clear and fair approach for allocating short-breaks. This would provide a framework for different levels of care according to the different health needs of each child and the needs of their families or carers.

Change the way short-breaks are provided in the future
To make sure families have a more personalised and flexible service, we have looked at a number of different ways we could provide short breaks. These included:
  • Model 1: Continuing with the bed-based and home-based services we have now
  • Model 2: All short breaks provided through Personal Health Budgets
  • Model 3: Developing a new bed-based service with Sheffield Council
  • Model 4: A mixed model with a range of provision including bed-based, home-based and Personal Health Budgets
We assessed these models against a set of important principles for improving short breaks and as a result we have recommended model 4 – but we want to hear your views about this.

What Happens Next

Your feedback will help us decide which option is best for Sheffield, and we will keep you informed of our decisions after this deadline has passed.



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