Making Urgent Care work better in Sheffield

Closed 31 Jan 2018

Opened 26 Sep 2017

Results expected 30 Mar 2018

Feedback expected 30 Apr 2018


Regardless of whether you’re a resident or a visitor to Sheffield, it’s important to know where to turn when you need healthcare quickly.

When we talk about 'urgent care', we mean treatment for illnesses that are urgent but not life threatening and minor injuries. This includes urgent care for both physical and mental health including minor injuries and illnesses plus urgent eye care.

NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group wants to make changes that make it simpler for people to get the care they need and guarantee everyone who needs it an urgent appointment within 24 hours. 

There are no changes to emergency or planned care in this consultation; this consultation is about providing urgent care in different ways so that we can improve access to urgent care services for people across the entire city.

We are keen to hear your views, experiences and ideas about how we can improve urgent care services in Sheffield.

Why We Are Consulting

Over the past two years the CCG has been speaking to people across the city about the service. The feedback from thousands of service users showed that overwhelmingly they find the current system confusing and hard to access quickly.

  • People are not always sure where to go to get the care they need and some end up having to be redirected to different services, delaying their treatment.
  • People have told us that they sometimes resort to A&E or other services because they cannot get a GP appointment quickly enough.
  • Demand for urgent GP appointments keeps on growing. At the moment, GP practices are struggling to cope with this on top of planned appointments as well.
  • Right now in Sheffield, we have urgent care services that are providing similar treatments within a close proximity, often at the same time. This wastes time and money for both the NHS and patients.
  • National guidance reinforces the need to change how we deliver urgent care not just in Sheffield but across the country, notably around continuity of care for people living with long term conditions and introducing urgent treatment centres.



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