Telephone prescription ordering service

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Closes 1 Nov 2020


A small number of GP Practices in Sheffield currently have a telephone prescription ordering service run by a trained team of NHS staff. It is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm, and allows patients to call and order their repeat medication.

With the patient’s consent, the staff look at the patient’s medication record, take a list of the medicines needed, and send the request for the prescription to the doctor electronically. The patient’s doctor issues the prescription and it is made ready for collection within 2 working days or dispensing by the patient’s pharmacy of choice within 4 working days as normal.

The prescription order line is one of a number of ways that patients can order their medicines from their doctor. The service has its own dedicated telephone number which patients would use instead of their GP practice's number to order their medicines.

NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group are considering making this service available to all GP Practices and their patients in Sheffield.

1. Which GP practice are you registered at?
2. How likely would you be to use this service?
3. What would help you to use a telephone prescription ordering service?
4. What might stop you from using a telephone prescription ordering service?
5. If you have repeat medicines, how do you usually order them?
6. What works well about your current method of ordering your repeat prescription?
7. What could be better about your current method of ordering your repeat prescription?
8. Please tell us anything else you think we should know about ordering repeat medication