York Road Surgery relocation

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Closes 13 Dec 2020


York Road Surgery are proposing to relocate from their current site to Darnall Primary Care Centre, 290 Main Road, Darnall, Sheffield, S9 4QH.

Due to the limited space at York Road, we can no longer provide the level of service our patients deserve. In order to provide a truly modern primary care service that will improve the quality of care for our patients, we need more space. An opportunity is available to us to move to larger premises only a short distance away from our current site.

We would continue to deliver all our current services at the new site, together with many more additional benefits.

The Practice would share a waiting room and reception at Darnall Primary Care Centre, but would remain as a separate practice. There are no plans to merge with any of the other GP practices within Darnall Primary Care Centre.

We want to know what our patients think about this move, and what impact it may have on them. We would be very grateful if you could complete the following questions to help us make the best decisions for our practice and patients.

1. How often do you use the surgery?
2. How long does it currently take for you to travel from your home to the surgery?
3. How long will it take for you to travel from your home to the new site?
4. How do you normally travel to the surgery?
5. How are you likely to travel to the new site if we move?
6. Please tell us how you feel the proposed move would affect you
7. If the move goes ahead, is there anything we could do to make things easier for you?
8. Is there anything else you think we should consider, or be aware of?
9. If the move goes ahead, would you continue to use this practice, or move to a different practice?