Sheffield's Network of Hubs and Welcoming Places

Closes 31 Mar 2023

Opened 22 Sep 2022


Voluntary and Community organisations play a vital role, alongside the Council and other statutory services, in supporting people in Sheffield. VCS organisations were at the forefront of helping people throughout the covid pandemic and are now dealing with the many issues people face as the cost-of-living rises, including poor mental wellbeing and increasing poverty.

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is here, now, and it is causing unprecedented pressures on people who might already be struggling and those who teetered on the edge are now facing hardship and difficult choices this winter. As a result of this many in Sheffield will be forced to make tough decisions about heating their home, feeding themselves and their families.

We want to do more to help the residents of Sheffield. As part of the City’s response to this crisis we are working collaboratively with the Voluntary Sector to find out the services, resources, and assets we have available across sectors, across the city.

We would also like to work with you, our local partners, building on the crucial and valuable work you already do for the people of Sheffield with a view to recreate the Covid Hubs approach and create a Network of Hubs and Welcoming Places.

VAS will be contacting the original Covid Hubs directly regarding reinstating the network.

Our aim, with your support, is to create an accessible directory and a map of the Hubs and Welcoming Places on the VAS Website (similar to Covid) so people can find a place to sit, receive a welcoming smile, enjoy a little company, get warm and stay warm.

We appreciate that the cost-of-living crisis is providing challenges to many organisations, their staff & volunteers and that many of you will already be providing a Welcoming Place for local people. Can your organisation join our network to offer a Welcoming Place to anyone in your community who needs it? If the answer is yes, then please, continue to read on.

Why your views matter

We know that many of our partners across Sheffield already provide this type of space, if this is you, we want you to consider joining a collaborative network with us and registering to create a directory so that we can begin to let everyone know how to access the Welcoming Places near them. We are also asking you to tell us what resources you might need to enhance your Welcoming Place, details of which you can find below.

If you have a Welcoming Place already, please tell us about your facilities and services. It should take you less than 5 minutes to complete the form available below.

What can you expect if you offer a Welcoming Place?

  • You will be listed on the Welcoming Places directory and map
  • You will receive badging guidance and a social media toolkit so you can create your own materials to promote your Welcoming Place
  • We will look at the resources you have listed to see if we are able to offer any additional support to enhance your Welcoming Place further
  • There will be access to training for staff and volunteers to ensure they can support and signpost people but also their workforce.
  • A city-wide approach to connecting with volunteers


What can everyone expect in a Welcoming Place?

We are hoping that organisations and groups who are part of the Network of Welcoming Places in Sheffield will adopt a Pledge so that people know what to expect and feel safe coming along. The draft Pledge is stated below, we would welcome your feedback on the form below:

  • A friendly warm welcome and a smile every time they visit.
  • Be treated equally, with dignity and respect.
  • Feel safe – groups and organisations will be expected to adhere to their own safeguarding policies and ensure that all staff and volunteers are briefed on these procedures.
  • Confidentiality - Data protection of individuals details.
  • Be a non-judgemental space; whatever the reason individuals have for needing to come in, they will be treated the same and never judged.

If you would like to join Sheffield’s Network of Welcoming Places, please complete the following form:

If you have any questions or queries, please contact: 


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  • Anyone from any background


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