Digital Inclusion Survey

Closed 4 Jun 2021

Opened 10 May 2021


Working Together to Remove the Digital Divide in Sheffield: Progress Update and City-Wide Survey

What has happened since the ‘Digital Inclusion Summit’ in January 2021?

The first city wide Digital Inclusion Summit in January was a great success. Over 100 people attended, representing over 50 different organisations. There were 4 insightful presentations and 8 breakout discussions on the subjects of outreach, digital skills, equipment and connectivity. The feedback from these discussions was shared with those who attended, and it has guided our recent activity.

Collectively, we identified the following 3 priorities at the summit:

  • Establish leadership and direction at a city level - cross sectoral governance of the Digital Inclusion agenda;
  • Continuity and coordination - so we know who is doing what, how to collaborate, how to avoid duplication, so we can identify gaps, be more joined-up, and achieve more together than the sum of our parts; and,
  • Identify, fund and manage strategic projects - the big stuff, arguably beyond the capability or capacity of smaller groups, projects could include devices and connectivity.

Progress made:

  • An initial approach to cross sectoral, city wide, management and governance has been drafted based on feedback from the summit and a review of best practice elsewhere in the country;
  • A Digital Inclusion Taskforce met for the first time during February. Representatives from local government, health, universities, city region, VCFS and others were invited. The taskforce provided valuable advice about how the draft management and governance arrangements could be improved; and,
  • A recruitment process is in progress to provide 2 council funded officers to provide the continuity and coordination needed, and to assist with the identification, funding and management of strategic projects.

We hope to arrange a further city wide summit soon where we will report back the results of the survey and what it is telling us about how we can build on the great work that you are doing in the city.

Why your views matter

We know that there is a lot of work happening in the city to support digital inclusion and there has been considerable focus on this issue during the pandemic.

The purpose of this survey is:

  • To understand the full picture of city wide support for digital inclusion;
  • To create a directory of ‘who is doing what’, to help groups contact each other, and to share information and advice;
  • To identify gaps, which could be in geographic areas, in the types of support that is provided; and,
  • To identify barriers your organisation might face in trying to address digital exclusion.

The survey should take no more than a few minutes to complete.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Planning Policy Changes and Consultation