A Fairer Future

Closed 28 Feb 2017

Opened 9 Dec 2016


The Our Fair City campaign is all about trying to make Sheffield a fairer, more equal place to live.

As part of this, in 2017 we want to look at the theme of 'Fairer Futures'.  We know that young people in Sheffield feel very strongly about the problems they are facing at the moment, in particular around transport, education and discrimination.

But looking ten years into the future, what problems will Sheffield be facing and how can we plan our response to them now?  How will changes in society and new technologies affect our city and what can we do to make sure those changes bring us closer to being the fairest city in the UK?

With the help of young people in Sheffield, we want to write a 'Manifesto for a Fairer Future'.  Some of the manifesto will be printed in Now Then Magazine and some of it will be talked about at an event run by young people in May 2017.

Before then, we need ideas.  Please fill in the questions at the link below if you want to be involved.  

Thank you.


Some members of Sheffield Youth Cabinet and Sheffield Young Advisors are involved in developing this work with the Our Fair City campaign group. You can find out more about youth cabinet and youth parliament by going to their Facebook pages and following them on Twitter:

Sheffield Youth Cabinet and Parliament:

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