Sheffield City Region Devolution Survey

Closed 15 Jan 2016

Opened 2 Dec 2015

Feedback updated 15 Apr 2016

We asked

The survey included a number of open questions about the proposed Agreement, enabling respondents to offer written (ie. free text) comments, questions and thoughts without the limitations of tick box responses.  The survey was also designed to be non-linear, ensuring that people could answer the questions that most interested them and ignore the ones that did not.

The online consultation ran from 2nd December 2015 to 15th January 2016 and attracted 245 responses from across SCR. 

Further, it is important to recognise that while the survey provides an important and useful perspective of people in SCR on the devolution proposals, it is a relatively small sample and is relatively unrepresentative of some key population groups (eg. under 25s).

You said

Key trends and perspectives from the responses:

  • Positive support throughout for principle of stronger local control of decision-making
  • Recognition of the impact that specific policy areas could have on SCR and the local economy
  • Negative perceptions of the need for an elected mayor – mainly due to creation of additional bureaucracy; complexity with existing arrangements; outcome of 2012 city mayor referenda
  • Real need for clarity about the geographical scope of the mayoral arrangement and powers, particularly for East Midlands districts
  • Positive about potential for more devolution, particularly once the current set of proposals have been implemented. Suggestions are ambitious and radical including tax raising powers, all skills, public transport, education and health.

We did

You can find the Initial feedback (Powerpoint), the Report to Full Council Sheffield City Region (SCR) Devolution Agreement: Ratification of the Proposal, and a Summary of the Consultation Results at the front of this consultation.


This consultation is about the proposed Devolution Agreement between Sheffield City Region and Government. We would like you to tell us your views on devolution, what you think about parts of the city region deal, give us your views on some of the potential benefits and let us know what other information you would like.

Further information can be accessed here -

Your views are extremely important and we hope you are able to take the time to complete the online survey.

Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and you do not have to answer every question in order for your views to be heard. There is an option as part of the survey to leave your personal details and to let us know if you are representing the views of a particular organisation or interest group. Whether you wish to leave these details or not, your answers will be treated confidentially. Your information will be held securely and will not be shared.



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