Sheffield City Council Draft Equality Objectives 2019-2023

Closed 22 Nov 2018

Opened 25 Oct 2018

Feedback updated 5 Apr 2019

We asked

We asked for your feedback on our draft Equality Objectives for 2019-23.  By law the Council is required to set at least one Equality Objective every 4 years and our current objectives ran until 2018.   For 2019-23 we proposed that we set 4 objectives, each with a set of 3 more specific aims.

You said

Over 180 people took part in the consultation and our equalities monitoring shows that we engaged with a diverse group of people.  For example 18% of our respondents were from BAME groups (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), 9% described themselves as LGB+ and 20% were carers.

There was a lot of support for the 4 areas we have chosen to focus on, with 84% of people saying that the objectives focused on either “The Right Things” or “Most of the Right Things”. 

We also received a wide range of feedback and comments and both the comments and our response are summarised in more detail in the full Consultation Report.

We did

As a result of the consultation we have made some changes to our Equality Objectives 2019-23, including:

  • Reflecting points that were made about partnership working across all sectors, we have added a reference to cross sector working (Objective 3, Aim 1), so it reads “We will work with our partner organisations across all sectors”. 
  • Reflecting points made about the importance of being an accessible city, we have amended the wording (on Objective 3, Aim 3), so it reads “We will continue to support citywide work to ensure our city is an inclusive and accessible place to live and visit”.
  • In response to your feedback, we have changed the title of Objective 4 to “Break the cycle of inequality and improve life chances”. We have also strengthened the wording in the introduction to reinforce the fact that this objective reflects many areas of persistent inequality.

We will continue to reflect on your feedback as we deliver against our Equality Objectives and review our progress.  

Our final Equality Objectives for 2019-22 will published around April-May 2019 and will be available online.


Our Equality Objectives are very important to us as an organisation.  They guide the work we carry out in the city and demonstrate our commitment to challenging inequality and promoting a fair and inclusive Sheffield.

By law the Council is required to set at least one Equality Objective every 4 years.  For 2019-23 we are suggesting that we set 4 objectives, each with a set of 3 more specific aims.  This will help us focus on a number of important areas so we can really make a difference.

Why your views matter

Our proposed Equality Objectives are:

  • Strengthen knowledge and understanding of our communities
  • Ensure our workforce reflects the people that we serve
  • Lead the city in celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion
  • Breaking the cycle of inequality and improving life chances

Whether you live, work or visit the city, are an individual or an organisation, we would like to hear your views about our draft objectives for 2019-23.

This survey should take 5-10 minutes.

The survey will close on Thursday 22nd November 2018.  We will then consider the responses and use your feedback to inform our final Equality Objectives, which will be published in January 2019.

You can download a full copy of the objectives below. Alternative formats are available upon request.

Draft Equality Objectives 2019-2023

Thank you for taking part in our consultation.

Cllr Olivia Blake, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance

Sheffield City Council


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Equality Hubs