24 Hour & Waking Night Support: Staff Survey

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Closes 15 Jun 2021


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2. Approximately, how many people on overnight or 24 hour packages have you provided care for since March 2020?
3. Do you feel that for the majority of the people you supported, home support was the most suitable care provision?
4. Do you have any examples where you felt that home support was not the best option for the person? Why?
5. Did you provide any care tasks that were unusual or unexpected?
6. What were main challenges of providing the support? And what went well?
7. Were there people other than the service user living in the property? Did you have the opportunity to build a relationship with them?
8. Have you had any feedback from the person or family members?
9. Do you feel that this support is suitable to help reduce the stress upon family and informal carers?
10. If not, do you have examples of where this has not supported to reduce carer stress?
11. Did the person you were supporting have any assistive living technology within their property (for example City Wide Alarms, door sensors etc)?
12. Do you have good access to resources overnight (for example, management support, aware of who to contact etc)?
13. Do you think you would benefit from any additional support or training? Please specify the types of training you may like to receive (such as dementia)
14. If you have any other feedback you would like to share, please do so below:

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