Adult social care cost of living allowance

Closed 16 Feb 2021

Opened 21 Jan 2021


Sheffield City Council is seeking views on a proposal to introduce a local cost of living increase to replace the statutory Minimum Income Guarantee. This applies to people who live at home and receive care and support.

Why we are consulting

Background - the Minimum Income Guarantee

People pay a financial contribution towards the cost of any care and support they receive if they can afford to. The council works out how much people can afford to pay from their disposable income. We ensure people who live at home have enough income to cover their cost of accommodation, cost of living and disability-related expenditure.

We currently use the statutory Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) to work out an individual’s cost of living allowance. The MIG is different for each person and depends upon things like their age and what type and rate of benefit they may receive. Under the statutory MIG, the cost of living allowance is significantly higher for older people.

For people who live in a care home or similar setting, a Personal Expenses Allowance is used instead of the MIG. However, our proposals only apply to the Minimum Income Guarantee for people living at home. They do not affect people who live in a care home or similar setting.


We need a fairer cost of living allowance

The statutory MIG is intended to cover cost of living expenses, however the Government has not changed the MIG rates since 2016. This means that the financial contribution towards the cost of care and support has, for some people, continued to increase while the statutory MIG has remained the same.   

Local authorities are able to set local cost of living allowances. This consultation sets out our proposal to introduce a cost of living allowance in Sheffield that helps to ensure a fairer level of protected income for people.



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Keeping Healthy and Well, Accessing Care and Support