Community Engagement Review

Closed 15 Dec 2017

Opened 20 Nov 2017


We are suggesting making a number of changes to the way we work with tenants and residents by:

  • Encouraging local and individual involvement with fewer formal meetings.
  • Providing more opportunities on-line for people to get involved.
  • Offering a clearer funding package for TARAs and local community groups.
  • Working together with tenant groups, Local Councillors and other partners to achieve better outcomes.

It is important that we talk to you and involve you in developing our services.  As a landlord, we have a duty to consult with you on issues relating to your tenancy.

We also work with other providers, such as housing associations and private landlords, so it is important that we know what people living around Sheffield feel about their housing.  We need to do this in the best way that we can using the money we have available.  We think that these changes will improve the way we do this and allow more voices to be heard.


Engagement methods

More use of social media and on-line engagement.

Fewer printed newsletters, for example In Touch, and more e-bulletins.  We will still provide paper copies where we need to though.

Training & support for tenants wanting to get on-line.  A TARA Digital Grant of £250 per year to help TARAs get on-line.

Working together

Link the Community Fund (a grant for activities/improvements in your local neighbourhood) more closely with other Council priorities.

Encourage closer links between TARAs and other local groups.

Decisions on grant awards to be made at a local level with local partners.

Clearer funding 

Replace the current TARA Recognition Policy with Good Governance and Financial Management requirements.

Refresh the Community Fund application process, making it available to both TARAs and other local community groups.

Include the Residual Levy funds in the Community Fund.  This fund is money paid by tenants in an area without a TARA and will only be available in those areas. 


  • All Areas


  • Black and Minority Ethnic People
  • Carers
  • Disabled People
  • General Public
  • LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans People
  • Older People
  • Residents
  • Young People
  • Businesses
  • Community Groups
  • Faith Groups
  • Student Unions
  • Voluntary Organisations


  • Council Housing