Conditions of Tenancy Review

Closed 1 Dec 2017

Opened 20 Oct 2017


We are thinking about changing the tenancy conditions which apply to Council Housing Tenants and would like to hear your views.

Tenancy conditions are part of the tenancy agreement which is signed at the beginning of a tenancy and are part of the legal contract between the landlord and tenant. They set out the rules which tenants and the Council as landlord must stick to.  Action can be taken if these rules are broken.

The Council’s tenancy conditions were last changed more than 20 years ago.  We want to make sure they are up to date and reflect the current and future needs of our service. 

It is proposed that some of the current conditions will stay the same and some will be removed. Many have been rewritten to ensure they are easier to understand and there are some brand new conditions.

Overall the conditions aim to ensure that tenants pay their rent, look after their home and respect their neighbours and communities. They also ensure that tenants are clear about what they can expect from the Council as their landlord.

There will be a new ‘You and Your Home’ leaflet which will contain further information about the new tenancy conditions.  

Here is a summary of the main changes:

Payment of rent and other charges

All tenants will be required to pay rent by direct debit unless permission to use a different method is provided by us.   

Pets & Animals

You will have more freedom to have pets, but with stricter requirements to look after them properly, prevent them causing a nuisance and to make sure the property is suitable.

If you don’t comply with these conditions we will take action.  We will tell you that you must rehome your pet, and if you fail to do this your tenancy would be at risk. 

Fire Safety

You must make sure you do all you can to prevent a fire in your property.

You must ensure you keep communal areas of flats clear to ensure easy escape in case of emergency.

As is the case now, Council Officers must be granted access to the property to inspect or repair it.  This may be without notice in the case of an emergency.

Other changes

You will be charged for costs incurred if you lose the keys to your property.

There are several new conditions about communal areas and parts of the property shared with neighbours.

You must dispose of your rubbish properly and may have to repay us the cost of clearing up if you don’t.

You must not change the boundary of your property without our permission.

There are new conditions which explain in more detail what we mean by ‘permission’ and ‘charging’ tenants. 

Please complete the survey so we can hear your views on these changes.  


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