Copy of CWCA Installation Questionnaire 2019/20 (Paper copies)

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Closes 31 Mar 2020


1. Did the technician arrive at the date & time you expected them?
2. Did the technician explain and demonstrate how the equipment works?
3. Did the technician test the range of your pendant in the areas where you will use it?
4. Were you told about the different ways of wearing your pendant such as on a wrist strap or clip?
5. Were you told that you should test your pendant every month to ensure that the system is working?
6. Did you get an information pack giving details in writing about the service?
7. Did the technician explain what level of service you can expect from City Wide Care Alarms?
8. Was the cost of the service explained to you?
9. Overall how would you describe your installation with the technician?
10. General comments
11. What is your name?
12. Address
13. Sex
14. Sexual orientation?
15. Ethnicity
16. Age