Gleadless Valley Masterplan

Closed 11 Nov 2018

Opened 20 Oct 2018


Sheffield City Council has secured funding from central Government to develop a long term Masterplan for Gleadless Valley. The money will pay for the work to identify what needs improving and where, and how this can best be done. 

Local people have already been giving their views through a residents survey, meetings and design workshops. We have used this feedback to help develop some options for improvements to Gleadless Valley. This consultation survey now asks for your views on these options.

If you want to start the survey now, click on the link below

For further information about the Masterplan before you start, please read on.

We've secured £500,000 funding from central Government to develop a long term master plan for Gleadless Valley. The money will pay for the work to identify what needs improving and where, and how this can best be done. 

We want to make sure that the Masterplan helps us improve the neighbourhood for years to come and want to encourage as many people as possible to contribute and get involved. 

Having the Masterplan will put us in a really good position to continue to talk with the Government about additional money to put the plans into action. We'll also look at the services we fund. 

While the funding won't pay for the delivery of the solutions identified, we hope to be able to deliver some changes in Gleadless Valley without additional government funding.

A citywide approach to consulting on estate regeneration proposals is being developed and will be based on best practice. This will inform the approach taken in Gleadless Valley. We will always consult on proposals that affect people’s lives.

What you’ve already told us

Almost 450 people completed a residents' survey to tell us what they like and don’t like about living in Gleadless Valley.

We have attended meetings with local groups and services to talk in more detail. Local people also attended design workshops in September 2018 to develop options for improving Gleadless Valley.

Options related to housing, community facilities, parking, open space, play facilities and more.

There are no plans for large-scale demolition in Gleadless Valley but we are open to the idea of replacing small pockets of housing with other types of housing if it’s wanted or needed.

If any council housing was demolished in Gleadless Valley then we’d replace this with the type of new homes that are most needed. The Council would look to take on the role of the developer. 

For more details on what you've already told us, read our Phase One Consultation Report and Background Info and Design Workshops documents below (see links at bottom of page).

About this consultation

This consultation seeks your views on the options that have been developed for Gleadless Valley. You can follow the link below to complete our on-line survey or, if you prefer, attend one of the public exhibitions on 20th and 27th October to give your views - please see details of events below.

In the survey that follows on the next page, you will be able to open some PDF images and information to help you answer the questions. If you have any problems accessing these PDF documents and want the information in another way, please ring us on the number above. 

Please note: Any information you provide will remain anonymous. We will not share any personal contact details that you may decide to share with us. Your responses will be used to inform possible improvements and improvement priorities for Gleadless Valley.

Click on the link below to start the survey. 

What Happens Next

Following consultation on the options, if significant changes to housing are wanted and needed, residents in these areas will be invited to discuss potential plans for their homes. We will consult on the masterplan proposals as a whole again in March 2019. We aim to complete the masterplan for Gleadless Valley by May 2019.



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