Grant Aid Review - Public Consultation

Closed 15 Sep 2019

Opened 16 Aug 2019


Grant Aid is the name of our grant giving to the Voluntary Sector in Sheffield. The main purpose of Grant Aid is to invest in the voluntary and community sector so that they can help the Council and partners tackle the inequalities that exist across the city.
The existing 3-year Grant Aid Strategy runs from 2017-2020.  The key features of the current Grant Aid Strategy are:

  • Recognises the important contribution the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) makes to life in Sheffield
  • Provides a budget specifically for grants to Sheffield’s local voluntary and community sector for the purpose of ‘substantial, city-wide activity’
  • The majority of grant awards made for 3 years 
  • Aligns Grant Aid investment with Council priorities, namely Tackling Inequalities and Better Health & Wellbeing (Corporate Plan 2015-18)

Grant Aid contains the following funds: 

  • Lunch Club Fund (small grants to individual lunch clubs across the city and a larger grant for lunch club development support)
  • Core Service Grants (Maintains grant aid investment to 7 key organisations providing frontline services in the city)
  • Infrastructure Fund (an open funding pot providing grant funding to organisations offering infrastructure support to the sector)
  • Tackling Inequalities Fund (an open funding pot to provide grant funding to organisations demonstrating outcomes that support the priorities of Tacking Poverty & Inequality and/or Better Health & Wellbeing).  

Details of organisations that have received Grant Aid funding in 2019/20 are shown in the document below.

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Visit for more information about Grant Aid including a list of who we fund, the Annual Report and individual groups Annual Impact Reports.

Why We Are Consulting

The existing 3-year Grant Aid Strategy (2017-2020) ends in March 2020.  We are consulting with current grant recipients, the wider voluntary and community sector and the public to review existing Grant Aid arrangements, in order to better tackle inequalities that exist in our city.

Whilst it has been decided to review the existing Grant Aid arrangements, there have been no decisions made on the specific priorities, eligibility criteria or application process for the new Council grant aid fund from April 2020. The results of the survey will inform our plans for the future of Grant Aid.


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