Transferring £1.5m to High Needs Block for 2020/21

Closed 10 Dec 2019

Opened 28 Nov 2019


One of our key policy focuses is to support inclusion and increase access to local mainstream schools by reducing both the number of permanent exclusions and escalations to special schools.  We plan to deliver this by building and sharing good practice within and across Sheffield schools and beyond the school; ensuring a clear and accessible continuum of support in schools and provision into schools under “early help” and then “targeted support”.

In doing this we know how challenging the current context is and we know we need a better collective response and understanding of what support really works for schools and children.  To help this we are increasing our monitoring and tracking of the performance of interventions and will be working through our partnership meetings with schools to gain that shared view – including the Inclusion Taskforce, Locality meetings, and the Primary and Secondary Inclusion Panels – so we all gain more confidence that funding is being targeted effectively.

To deliver this objective, the Sheffield Schools Forum approved a transfer of 0.5% (£1.5m) from the Schools Block to the High Needs Block in 2018/19 and 2019/20.  The focus of this investment is covered in the additional information below and has been complemented and supported by capital grants to develop provision.

We are proposing to redirect £1.5m of Schools Block funding to the High Needs Block in 2020/21 to continue to support this piece of work. 

Prior to the decision at the December Schools Forum, we are inviting comments from schools to let us know if you are in agreement to redirect £1.5m to the High Needs Block in 2020/21.  Please note that the final decision will be made by the Schools Forum, but will take into consideration the results of this consultation.

Please note: there is further background information attached below.

What Happens Next

Agreeing the redirection of the £1.5m in 2020/21 will allow for further development and maturing of the interventions which began in 2018/19, and allow time to fully consult on and develop the strategy around the middle tier provision - which has been well received - to develop expertise and confidence in mainstream; reducing the current pattern of pupils leaving local mainstream provision to travel distances to specialist provision.

Recommendations made to the Schools Forum will take into consideration the results of this consultation.


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