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  • Transport Digital Information Survey (Schools)

    Sheffield City Council SEND Transport are reviewing the way that we work in partnership with Schools. One option that we are looking at is how technology can improve the way we share information. We are currently reviewing an App based information system that can be accessed by schools. ... More
    Closes in 4 days
  • Building an inclusive and sustainable economy for Sheffield

    Following on our event on Thursday 28th September, and as part of our focus in 2017/18 on developing a framework for an inclusive and sustainable economy, we are interested in understanding what an inclusive economy looks like to you, what your ideas are for Sheffield, and whether (and how) you... More
    Closes in 4 days
  • Conditions of Tenancy Review

    We are thinking about changing the tenancy conditions which apply to Council Housing Tenants and would like to hear your views. Tenancy conditions are part of the tenancy agreement which is signed at the beginning of a tenancy and are part of the legal contract between the landlord and tenant.... More
    Closes in 1 week
  • Community Engagement Review

    We are suggesting making a number of changes to the way we work with tenants and residents by: Encouraging local and individual involvement with fewer formal meetings. Providing more opportunities on-line for people to get involved. Offering a clearer funding package for... More
    Closes in 1 week
  • Sheffield Flood 2007

    The purpose of this survey is to help a student on placement with the Sheffield City Council’s Flood and Water Management Team. Alannah will be carrying out a University study into the flooding Sheffield experienced in 2007. The study will look into the causes and impacts of the event. The... More
    Closes in 2 months
  • Sheffield Directory - Have Your Say

    We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve and develop our Sheffield Directory. Please complete our online survey, give as much detail as possible to help us develop the directory to meet your needs. The questionnaire should only take a few minutes. Thank you for your... More
    Closes in 2 months
  • Ward Priorities

    We would like to know what people living in Sheffield feel should be the priorities for their ward councillors. Each ward in the city has three councillors who work to improve things for local people and represent them when decisions are made in the Town Hall. More
    Closes in 4 months
  • Let’s Talk Directory: A guide to emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Sheffield

    Just as we need to look after our bodies, we also need to look after our emotional and mental wellbeing. How we feel can change from day to day depending on what is happening in our lives and sometimes we might need a little help. NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group and Sheffield City... More
    Closes in 1 year
  • Sheffield City Council - Feedback Consultation

    Sheffield City Council values your suggestions and complaints, and uses them to improve our services. We would like to know how we did with the complaint you recently made, and would be grateful if you could answer the 4 questions on the following page. Thank you for your help with... More
    Closes in 1 year
  • Cycle Incident

    If you have been involved in an incident / accident while cycling through Sheffield (e.g. you fell off your bike on the road), please let us know about it below. It will help us to see if there are actions we can take to improve cycle safety. If you were injured, you should report your... More
    Closes in 3 years
  • Amend my previous entry on the Sheffield City Council Custom Build Register

    If you have previously entered your information to the Custom Build Register which has now changed, please use the link below to amend those details. More
    Closes in 3 years
  • Sheffield City Council Custom Build Register

    Sheffield City Council is committed to encouraging and enabling the delivery of more affordable, more environmentally friendly and more originally designed than standard market housing. You get the chance to have a say in the design of your custom build home, meaning it will be more suited to... More
    Closes in 3 years
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