Sitting Service - Making Space - Carer Respite Service Consultation

Closed 28 Nov 2016

Opened 3 Oct 2016


This consultation is about the Sitting Service delivered by Making Space.  We are proposing to end the service and replace it with different options for breaks but we want your views about this suggested change.

Please note your responses wil help us decide about future respite services.

We want to hear from any carers or families whether you currently receive the service or not.

Sheffield City Council wants to update and change the way we support you as an adult carer to take a break from caring.

We have outlined below the reason we are proposing this change and also what the future plans are:


  • Proposing to end the existing Sitting Service - Making Space, by Spring 2017;
  • Outlining future services that will allow you as a carer to have a break

What is respite?

Respite is a word that means 'have a break'.  A break from caring will mean different things for different carers and families, for example:

  • an afternoon or morning e.g. sitting
  • a longer period of time e.g. a couple of days, or a week
  • a break from normal life but with the person you care for

What is the Adult Carer Flexible Community Respite Service (the Sitting Service)?

This is the Sitting Service funded by the Council provided by Making Space which allows you as a carer to have a break from caring (at no cost to you or your family).

How does the Sitting Service work? 

The Council has a fixed amount of money that it can spend on services that support carers. We currently pay Making Space to make sure carers can have a break.

Making Space do this in 2 ways:

  • Someone from Making Space will spend time (typically 3 hours) with the person you care for. This could be at the cared for person’s home or it could be out in the community e.g. local café. 
  • You can go with the person you care for to a local ‘Respite Hub’ run by Making Space. As a carer you can then stay with the person you care for to do activities with them or leave and have some time to yourself.    

Why your views matter

Unfortunately the Council cannot afford to support all carers in Sheffield (approximately 60,000) to have a break. This means we have to use what money we have to make the biggest impact we can for carers

What is happening to the Sitting Service?

The Council is proposing to end the Service by Spring 2017. Please do not worry, there will be other options available to allow carers to take a break from caring. This will include a process to get support from adults social care, via an assessment or reassessment.

 Why is the Council proposing to change the Sitting Service? 

The reasons we are making changes are:

  • Listening to what carers have told us – During the consultation (in 2015) for the new carers strategy, you told us you wanted flexible options to have a break from caring. The current service does not offer personal care and is typically for a fixed period of time (3 hours a week). Carers are also unable to choose which organisation you would like to spend time with the person you care for. The only option is Making Space;
  • Targeting carers who need a break the most – To access a sitting / respite service in the future will be via a social care assessment so we can support those carers with respite that need it the most. All carers (including self-funders) will be supported with information and advice so you are clear about what your options are and which services can help you to continue in your caring role;
  • More variety and fairness - We want to give you as a carer more options, meaning respite is more flexible and better suited to your needs. Currently the Sitting Service is structured to support some carers better than others.  Particularly if the cared for person needs personal care, it means those carers couldn’t use the Making Space service.   

What is the future for respite services?  

You have told us how important it is to be able to have a break. We understand how vital it is and are proposing the following:

  • Breaks via the person you care for – if the person you care for gets a social care package, you may get support to have a break;
  • Respite worker – from Spring 2017 there will be a specialist respite worker who will be able to help you to identify what your options are to take a break (including self funders);
  • Continuing the short breaks fund, currently called ‘Time for Me’ - this gives carers a small grant to help them to take a break from caring;
  • Breaks via ‘carers assessment’ – from May 2017, you can get breaks after you have an assessment, if you meet the eligibility criteria
  • More capacity – we are exploring increasing capacity so it’s easier for you as a carer to pre book respite so you can go on holiday (a financial contribution maybe required);
  • More capacity – Increase day opportunity capacity for older people (a financial contribution maybe required)

How can I get a break once the service has changed?

We will send out further updates as our plans develop. The first point of contact will be the respite worker (from Spring 2017). A telephone number, address and email address will be provided. Until then you can talk to Carers in Sheffield to get information and advice on potential respite options available through Adult Social Care.

For more information online, the Council has an advice page on short breaks/respite which can be found here

 Tell us what you think

If you want to tell the Council what you think of our proposal to update and change respite you can do the following:

  • Fill in this questionnaire
  • Email us with your comments on the proposed changes
  • Phone us to discuss the proposed changes on 0114 273 6815
  • Please call or email us if you would like the questionnaire or any other information in alternative formats.

This service is for adult carers who care for adults only.

For information on short breaks if you are not an adult carer, please click here: parent carers or young carers


  • Respite Workshop with Commissioners

    From 4 Nov 2016 at 10:00 to 4 Nov 2016 at 12:00

    This workshop is for carers who completed the carer respite consultation survey. The aim of this workshop is to discuss any concerns or suggestions that carers have regarding proposed changes to respite services.

    Your feedback will then inform our approach to future commissioning of respite services.

    The workshop wil be held at Hillsborough Sports Arena, Middlewood Road, Sheffield, S6 4HA

    To book a place, please either email us at or telephone us on 0114 2736815.


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