Adult education in Stocksbridge

Closed 9 Jun 2022

Opened 13 May 2022


Northern College is working with the Stocksbridge Town’s Fund Board on plans for new adult education provision in the town. The courses could run in the new Library and Crossover Hub building once it is completed. The development is a key part of the regeneration of Manchester Road and one of the major projects which make up the Stocksbridge Town Deal.

As well as space to deliver education and training the new building will also house Stocksbridge Library and other community facilities in high quality managed workspace.

We’d like to hear your views on these plans and about the type of courses and training you would like to see being delivered in Stocksbridge. Your views will help the Board and Northern College deliver the right kind of courses for your community.


  • Stocksbridge


  • Anyone from any background


  • Latest Job / Training Opportunites