Adult Social Care & Home Care : Joint Working

Closed 14 Mar 2021

Opened 24 Feb 2021


As part of the Home Care Transformation Programme, we are looking at options for improving joint working for Providers and Adult Social Care.  The purpose is to achieve better outcomes for people in receipt of care, and staff working in these areas.

Our intention is that your responses will help us to identify and prioritise tangible and achievable improvements that we can work together to implement.

We really appreciate you taking the time to respond and share your views.

If you have any queries, please contact and



Charles Andrew (Team Manager, Locality 4)

Chris Boyle (Commissioning Officer)

Why we are consulting

This questionnaire has been sent to home care providers in the independent sector and social work professionals working for the Council.

We want to find out more about your experience from your perspective working with Adult Social Care (social work teams) for a home care provider, or as an Adult Social Care professional working with home care providers. 

We would like to encourage open and honest feedback.  We are seeking to understand themes and trends.  All comments will be anonymised when results are collated and analysed.


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