Partner Consultation - Early Help Outcomes Framework

Closed 9 Jul 2021

Opened 6 Apr 2021


In Sheffield we are reviewing our Early Help services, to improve the support we offer to children & families. The vision is that Sheffield will be an inclusive city where we work together to ensure that all children receive the right support at the right time so that they live a happy and fulfilled life.  To achieve this our ambition is to have a clear pathway into one integrated early help offer that has been co-produced with children, young-people, families, staff, practitioners and partners.

Why we are consulting

Your views about what you would want from support services is really important and helpful for us to ensure that we design services that are easy to access and provide the right support at the right time.

The outcomes we want for Children & Young people in Sheffield are;

  • SAFE & NURTURED – Children & Young People are safe, secure & nurtured within their home
  • SAFE COMMUNITIES – Children and young people are safe and supported in their community so that they are not at risk of harm
  • GOOD HEALTH -  Children and young people have good physical health
  • EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY – Children and young people are resilient and emotionally healthy
  • ENGAGING EDUCATION & ACTIVITIES – Children and young people access their education, employment, and their local community
  • ADDITIONAL NEEDS MET – Children and young people with additional needs get identified and receive appropriate support in a timely manner

We will ask you in the following questions what we need to consider for each of these elements.


  • All Areas


  • Community Groups


  • Children and Young People