Energy Procurement - Offer to Schools and Academies

Closes 24 Feb 2023

Opened 10 Jan 2023


Sheffield Council is changing the way it offers its energy supply subscription service to schools and academies. If your school has its electricity and gas supplied via the Council’s contract, it is important that you read the full downloadable briefing document (found in Related Documents below) to ensure your electricity and gas supply is secured for future years.

Due to changes to the way the Council purchases its gas and electricity, we now require a formal decision by 24 February 2023 from all schools on our contract as to whether they wish to continue with their subscription.

The briefing document provides a background to the changes in the Council’s energy procurement strategy and details the action required by schools along with key dates for decisions to be made.

Schools not currently on the Council contract also have an option to sign-up by 24 February.

Why your views matter

It is important that you tell us if you wish to join the energy contract - any school currently on the Council contract that fails to inform the Council of its decision could find themselves out of contract with regards to their gas and electricity supply from the end of March 2024.

Tell us whether or not you'd like to join the energy contract


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