Home Care charging and payments consultation 2022

Closed 17 Apr 2022

Opened 7 Mar 2022


Changes to the way home care is paid for

In this consultation we’d welcome your views about changing the way home care is paid for. If changes are agreed, they could affect people who receive home care. We particularly want to hear from people who have home care, family members, unpaid carers and others with an interest.

The information which comes with this consultation tells you more about the changes and why we want to introduce them – please see the link to the 'Home Care Consultation Information Sheet' at the bottom of the page and, if you receive home care yourself, your letter about the consultation.

The consultation focuses on changes to the way home care is paid for. We will take all consultation feedback into account before making any decision. 

What is home care?

Home care covers a range of support and services that help people to live with independence at home. The home care that someone receives is based on their care plan, which sets out the type of care and support needed and how often it should be provided.

How is home care paid for now?

If someone needs home care, the cost is paid for through any personal financial contribution they need to make and by Sheffield City Council. Currently, the home care provider is paid for the actual time spent providing care. This means the financial contribution that someone needs to pay differs from one payment period to the next if the amount of care provided differs.

What do we want to change?

We want to change this so that the home care provider is paid for the amount of home care that is planned (and set out in the person’s care plan).

Why do we want to change it?

The change would mean that anyone who needs to pay a financial contribution to the cost of their home care would pay the same amount for each payment period, based on their care plan. It wouldn’t change if the amount of care provided was higher or lower in one period, (if the care worker needed to stay longer or left sooner than planned).

We believe this will make it easier for some people to predict their financial contribution and household budget. The change also aims to provide home care providers with more financial certainty and reduced administrative costs. This would enable more investment in care workers, training, career development and quality of care. It would also mean that care would be more flexible to the daily needs of people (and not so affected by concerns about what it might cost).

As set out in the 'Home Care Consultation Information Sheet' below, there would only be changes to someone’s financial contribution if their care plan changes or their personal finances change.

The consultation

The consultation that follows asks your views about changing how home care is paid for and about your current experience of home care.


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