Have your say on library opening times

Closed 26 Feb 2023

Opened 10 Jan 2023


We have an opportunity to extend the opening hours of the Council run community hub libraries from 31 to 34 hours per week and in order to do this we need to standardise the opening times.  Therefore we are consulting with library users and non users to identify the impact of the proposed change to the opening days and times.

Why your views matter

Libraries are a resource for the community, and as such, they should reflect the needs of that community. It is also important to ensure the changes do not have an unreasonable detrimental impact on any group of people, particularly those with protected characteristics.

What happens next

The results of this consultation will confirm if the proposed change will have a positive impact (or not) on library users and non users.  The results will also help us to understand better how the changes will impact on groups and individuals.  The changes will go ahead in April 2023 if the results show the overall impact is positive, and we can mitigate any detrimental impacts identified.  If there are minor changes as a result of the consultation this will be implemented without further consultation.  If significant changes are needed to the proposal following consultation then it is likely that further consultation will be required.


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