Transferring £1.5m to the High Needs Block for 2022/23

Closed 13 Dec 2021

Opened 29 Nov 2021


For the last four academic years, the Sheffield Schools Forum has approved a transfer of 0.5% (£1.5m) from the Schools Block to the High Needs Block to support inclusion and increase access to local mainstream schools, by reducing both the number of permanent exclusions and escalations to special schools.

The inclusion activities that are currently funded by the £1.5m will now be mainstreamed and funded from the High Needs Block as of April 2022.  However, our overall Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) remains under pressure with rising demand outstripping the level of available resources, and there is a need to further invest in mainstream schools by increasing investment in localities.  We are therefore proposing to transfer £1.5m in 2022/23, from the Schools Block to the High Needs Block, to support mainstream schools with inclusion.

In order to increase investment in this area, we are proposing to transfer £1.5m from the Schools Block to the High Heeds block to be used as an increase of funds into the locality SEND funded model.  

We are proposing an increase in investment into localities on the basis that this will increase ability of mainstream schools to meet the needs of children with SEND effectively and reduce the need for transfers to special schools. 

Please see the document below in the 'Related Documents' section for further information.

Why your views matter

Prior to the decision at the December Schools Forum, we are inviting comments from schools to let us know if you are in agreement to redirect £1.5m to the High Needs Block in 2022/23.  Please note that the final decision will be made by the Schools Forum, but will take into consideration the results of this consultation.

What happens next

The Schools Forum will make a decision at the meeting on 13 December 2021 (or shortly afterwards via email to allow for collation of responses) and the outcome will be published with the Forum papers at 

Agreeing the redirection of the £1.5m in 2022/23 will allow us to increase investment within mainstream to ensure children and young people with SEND are appropriately supported.  Our current model uses two broad bands of funding based on levels 4 and 5 of the Sheffield Support Grid.  We are aiming to revise this model through consultations with localities in order that schools are better resourced to meet the needs of high needs children. 


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