Schools Consultation - Early Help Outcomes Framework

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Closes 21 May 2021

Outcome 1 – SAFE & NURTURED

Children and Young people are safe, secure and nurtured within their home

What we think matters

  • Stable and affectionate/compassionate relationship with and between caregivers and siblings
  • Good attachment between children and their care givers
  • Safe, stable & clean home environment suitable to the family’s needs
  • Caregivers are equipped with skills to put in place appropriate boundaries and guidance as well as emotional warmth, praise, encouragement and support to be emotionally healthy
  • Caregivers are aware of and protect from harm in the home and elsewhere
  • Caregivers have the confidence, skills and knowledge to implement positive parenting strategies appropriate to the age & stage of their child(ren)
  • Caregivers know how and where to get extra support for their family if they need it
  • New parents begin building positive attachment and bonding during pregnancy and in the early years
  • Children have a safe network of trusted adults including family friends and extended family that role model positive behaviours and healthy active choices
  • Caregivers speak positively and promote the importance of education
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