This is Sheffield, Our City Centre Plan 2018-28

Closed 17 Jun 2018

Opened 17 May 2018


This plan is about laying the foundations for Sheffield's success. We have to ensure that our future City Centre contributes to economic growth that improves the lives of all Sheffielders and improves our environment. That we are prepared for climate changes, connected by transport that is frequent, clean and reduces carbon, congestion, poor health and inequality, have housing and workspaces that are easily affordable and highly sustainable, and have social and cultural facilities which are accessible and well-resourced, providing greater opportunity to all.

Why We Are Consulting

We can only get this right if it is shaped by you. It is your City Centre and we need your ideas, passion and perspectives on how we create a City Centre that works for you. Some projects are underway having been consulted on earlier, such as the regeneration of The Moor, though we are interested in how you think they are turning out.  In other areas, such as the future of Castlegate, Heart of the City II and the Bus and Train station areas we need your involvement from the outset, contributing to and helping to shape our city together.

What Happens Next

Once the consultation closes analysis of the results and suggestions will be incorporated into a revised plan. If there are some suggestions not included in the plan an explanation will be provided in the final draft of the City Centre Plan. The final draft will then be discussed at the Council Full Cabinet meeting possibly in June or July 2018. Following approval, all projects included in the Delivery Programme, if not already under way, will start. There will then be further, more detailed consultation, information campaigns and events too.  The Plan and its consultation report will also contribute towards the Local Plan,Transport and Housing Strategies and shared with the relevant teams in the Council. 


  • All Areas


  • Black and Minority Ethnic People
  • Carers
  • Disabled People
  • General Public
  • LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans People
  • Older People
  • Residents
  • Young People
  • Businesses
  • Community Groups
  • Faith Groups
  • Student Unions
  • Voluntary Organisations


  • What's on in Sheffield
  • Planning Policy Changes and Consultation
  • Leisure and Activities (Activity Sheffield)
  • Disabled Travel
  • Parking