Disability Hub Priority Issues and Satisfaction Survey 2017

Closed 25 Aug 2017

Opened 28 Jul 2017


Thank you for taking part in this annual survey.
We are eager to get Disability Hub Members' feedback on:
  • your involvement with the Disability Hub
  • which issues the Disability Hub should focus on
  • how satisfied you are with the Disability Hub and the Equality Hub Network
This survey will allow us to make sure your views are represented and the issues covered are chosen by a democratic process that hopefully pleases most participants.
It is also important to know if you feel you have enough support to take part and what, if anything, we can do to make your participation easier. We also want your thoughts on how to make the work of the Disability Hub even more influential as part of the Equality Hub Network.
The survey shouldn’t take much longer than 10 minutes or so. If you wish, and for reference purposes, please have a look at the accompanying documents at the foot of this page to help you complete the survey.
If you do not want to answer any specific question, then please leave it blank.
Please let us know if you need this survey in another format.


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