Finding suitable sites for development - questionnaire for small to medium sized enterprises/businesses

Closed 15 Jul 2018

Opened 28 Jun 2018


Sheffield City Council has been given a local government grant to look at ways we can improve the planning process, to help small to medium sized business to find suitable sites to build on. 

We want to develop a web application, which combines interactive maps and links to web pages containing local planning policy and guidance text.  It will include over 40 graphical information system (GIS) layers including: planning applications, flood risk and CIL charging zones.

Potential development site boundaries and information will also be identified, including: undeveloped sites with permission, undeveloped allocated sites and the Brownfield Register. Planning policy and guidance documents will be provided in a machine-readable format.

This survey contains questions about how you find a development site currently and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

What Happens Next

We will be analysing your responses which will then inform the next stage of user testing and the development of a planning web app prototype


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