Are you interested in trialling an electric cab?

Closes 22 Aug 2018

Opened 1 Aug 2018


Electric Taxi Trial

We would like to provide Sheffield hackney drivers with the opportunity to try electric vehicles, to see if they work well and save on fuel costs.  If drivers then decided to buy or lease electric vehicles, emissions would be reduced and air quality improved. 

If you are a driver operating in Sheffield with a Sheffield hackney licence we are interested in what you think.  Please click on the link below which will take you to a survey that asks about your interest and what would help you to take part.

This survey won’t commit you to anything – there will be a proper application process later on.

Why We Are Consulting

How the trial could work

  • Drivers taking part would be leased a vehicle for a period of weeks/ months
  • Drivers would pay a low fee, which would be used to pay for maintenance and other running costs
  • The vehicles we trial have to meet all our hackney criteria, so standard electric vehicle models will not be available
  • Your existing vehicle will probably not be allowed to operate at the same time
  • Once one driver has completed their period of use, the next driver, who has applied, can have their turn
  • We could provide chargers, free of charge, at the driver's home for daily charge
  • There will also be Rapid chargers available in key locations across the city. There will be a charge for the electricity used to charge the vehicle.

How we’ll use the data:

We will:

  • See how many people want to take part and how interested they are
  • Use this to help us develop the trials and thinking about charging point locations
  • Contact you with updates about the Electric Taxi Trial
  • Contact you about other low emission vehicle schemes that the Council is involved with

We won’t:

  • Use this for any decisions about licences or to add to Licensing Services information about drivers
  • Use this for the application process for the trials
  • To contact you about any other Council schemes
  • Pass it to other organisations

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