Consultation on the future design of young people's services for Sheffield

Closes 25 Aug 2017

Opened 21 Jun 2017


An Information paper is available to download that will provide you with the background, context and proposals to which the questions in this consultation refer. If you are unable to complete this online it can be downloaded (available below) and sent to the address at the end of the questionnaire or you can email the address below and we will send you a hard copy.

What is the proposed model?

Our vision is that every young person in Sheffield achieves their full potential, that they are active, informed, healthy and engaged, ready for life and work.
The model we propose consists of 7 key strands, described in detail in the Proposals section of the pack. The central proposal is the establishment of an Investing in Young People Partnership, bringing together all key partners to shape services strategically over the next five years. Further proposals are:
  • Commissioning a new Targeted Young People’s Support Service to be delivered by a Community Youth Team
  • Maintaining the young people’s One Stop Shop at Star House
  • Recommissioning Young People’s Voice and Influence work
  • Creation of a Successful Young People Team which will sit within the council’s Children, Young People and Families Service
  • Creation of a Young People’s Enrichment Fund to support the development of provision for young people.
  • Maintaining the Sexual Exploitation Service


Please return any postal responses to:  Kath Fitzpatrick, West Wing, Section 6, Floor 7, Moorfoot, Sheffield S1 4PL
If you would like to have a broader discussion about this strategy, or if you need help completing this form, or need it in another language, please get in touch with the people named below:
In the first instance, contact Kath Fitzpatrick, 0114 2736017,
This consultation will be open from Wednesday 21st June to Wednesday 26th July.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Children and Young People