A57 Mosborough Parkway/Coisley Hill Congestion Scheme

Opens 23 Feb 2018

Closes 6 Apr 2018



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Why We Are Consulting

As part of Sheffield City Councils aim to reduce congestion and delay at a number of identified specific sites on the city’s road network, where congestion is an issue. A scheme has been proposed at the Coisley Hill roundabout.

Our proposed scheme would see the installation of a set of part time signals on the Coisley Hill approach to the roundabout. To achieve this there will be some minor changes to the existing kerbline on the approach to the roundabout.

What We Want To Achieve

At busy periods the traffic lights would be activated by detectors installed on the Mosborough Parkway (from Sheffield Parkway) approach to the roundabout. Once a queue of traffic has been detected then the traffic signals would become operational.

The traffic signals would create gaps on the roundabout by stopping traffic on the Coisley Hill approach entering the roundabout, this would allow traffic queueing on Mosborough Parkway to enter the roundabout.

The introduction of these scheme will see a reduction in delay and congestion on this section of Mosborough Parkway which forms a vital and strategic part of not only the city’s road network but connections to the wider motorway network.

This consultation will open on 23 Feb 2018. Please come back on or after this date to give us your views.


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