Have your say on the future of your recycling service

Closed 24 Jun 2018

Opened 24 May 2018


Please only complete this survey if you have received a letter from us, and you live in a property named on the list attached at the very bottom of this page. We ask that you speak to each member of your household to decide which option your household would like to choose. Only one vote per household will be accepted, and if more than one response is received, only the first response will be included.

You may have seen in the local media that later this year we will be introducing an all new recycling service across Sheffield.

The changes will see your blue box replaced with a new brown wheeled bin and will mean that you have three wheeled bins:

  • Your existing black bin will continue to be used for your non-recyclable waste
  • Your existing blue bin will be used for your paper and card
  • A new brown bin will be provided for your glass bottles and jars, tins, cans and plastic bottles

As with the current service, you will be required to store your bins on your property and only put them out on the pavement on your collection day. 

We have written to a number of households where we understand it may be difficult to store three bins on the property. If you have received a letter from us, we would like to offer you the choice of an alternative option for your recycling service. 

You can choose between two options:

  1. Have your own set of bins. This will mean that you receive the same service as other households across Sheffield and you will have your own blue bin and brown bin for your recycling, and your own black bin for your non-recyclable waste
  2. Share your recycling bins. This will mean that you no longer have your own recycling bins and instead you will share two larger recycling bins with between 6 and 9 neighbouring properties. These will be permanently stored on the pavement. Although you will share your recycling bins, you will keep your own black bin. 

Further information to help you decide between the two options can be found in the Supporting Information sheet attached at the very bottom of this page. Please note that the default position will be Option 1. Option 2 (shared recycling bins) will only be introduced if more than 30% of the households contacted on your street respond to this consultation, and where more than 50% vote for shared containers. 


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