My Park, My Health: Ellesmere Park

Closed 26 Mar 2021

Opened 22 Oct 2020

Results expected 30 Apr 2021

Feedback expected 21 May 2021


29/01/2021 Update - This consultation has been extended until the 26/03/2021. 

The aim of this consultation is to;

  • Gather your views of Ellesmere Park as it is currently.
  • Understand your health and wellbeing and how the park and its facilities can support this.
  • Provide an opportunity for you to contribute your opinions and views on the changes required to rejuvenate Ellesmere Park into a high quality greenspace fit for the community and future generations .

Why we are consulting

The aim of this consultation is to confirm priorities for the site and understand local users views & opinions to help build detailed designs for the site improvements that will contribute to delivering a high quality green space for the local community.

Publishing/Privacy Statement

We may choose to use your comments/ideas within project documents, press releases or online (social media or website). Your responses will remain anonymous, unless you agree at a later date that you are happy for your name to be linked to your comment/s for example John S said...."Ellesmere Park really needs xxxx to improve the site"

Updating and removing contact details

If you wish to have your contact details removed or updated at any time, please contact us on 0114 2500500 or email

Other formats

If you know someone that may like to take part who requires a paper copy of the survey, please let us know.

What happens next

By sharing your views and opinions this will help us to analyse common themes and suggestions in order to start drawing up detailed proposals for the changes. Once these have been drafted we will then present the proposals back to the community through our online social media pages, paper copies in local spaces for comment and at public meetings/events. 


  • Burngreave


  • Anyone from any background


  • Children's activities and events
  • Planning Policy Changes and Consultation
  • Leisure and Activities (Activity Sheffield)
  • Keeping Healthy and Well, Accessing Care and Support