Grenoside Scoot Park Evaluation

Closed 5 Jun 2019

Opened 5 Dec 2018


A new Scoot Park was built on the site of the old tennis courts in Grenoside Park in the summer of 2018. It is designed for scooters, bikes and skateboards. It was a partnership project between the Friends of Grenoside Park and Sheffield City Council. The project emerged when a group of young people identified the need for somewhere that skaters, bikers and scooters can ride. Through determination and partnership working the local community have raised the funding to make this dream a reality. We would now like to evaluate the success of this project and find out the difference that it has made to the lives of the people using it.

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting as we would like to find out the difference that this project has had on the lives, health and well-being of the people that are using it. The information will be used to demonstrate the success of the project to funders, and make a case for the need for future funding of similar projects in Sheffield.

Your feedback will provide up to date information which will help to improve your local park.

Please note: Any information you provide will remain anonymous. We will not share any personal contact details that you may decide to share with us.

What Happens Next

After the closing date, we will analyse the survey results.  This information will be used to demonstrate the positive impact that this kind of project can have on the physical health and mental well-being of local people.



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