Ponderosa Park - Entrances & Access Concept Design Ideas

Closed 26 Jul 2019

Opened 28 Jun 2019


As part of efforts to raise the overall quality of the Ponderosa we're planning improvements to the site's entrances and paths in order to make it more welcoming and accessible for all -  encouraging people to use and benefit from this diverse city centre green space.

Sheffield City Council's Urban & Environmental Design have developed concept design ideas for the entrance improvements across the site, along with the proposed route of a new tarmac path, and have illustated the proposals with some examples.

The following survey highlights the concept sketch design ideas, layouts and features and seeks feedback from the local community and park users on them.

There is a limited budget for the entrance and footpath improvements, as such the designs reflect this whilst balancing the need to be aesthetically pleasing, high quality, welcoming, functional, and sustainable.

The full concept design document, which the questions in this survey refer to, can be viewed in detail via this link -> 'Ponderosa - Entrances & Paths Concept Design Ideas.pdf'

Why We Are Consulting

We want local people's feedback on the concept designs in order to aid the development of detailed designs for the entrance and path improvements.

Please let us know if you like the concept design ideas and feel free to leave further comments and suggestions.

Many thanks.

What Happens Next

The feedback from the consultation will be used to develop detailed designs for the Ponderosa entrances.


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  • Walkley


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