Shire Brook Valley Visitor Survey

Closed 10 Jul 2020

Opened 22 Jun 2020


Have you visited the Shire Brook Valley before? 

The Shire Brook Valley is situated between Woodhouse (S13) and Hackenthorpe (S12) in Sheffield.


Why We Are Consulting

In 2018 we carried out a survey to find out what people think about visiting the Shire Brook Valley. This was because we recognise that this special place, with its wealth of wildlife and heritage could be the perfect place to visit and explore. We were then able to use the findings to plan some improvement projects. This has included refurbishing the visitor centre, which is a project which is nearing completion.

We now have the opportunity to apply for some funding for a new project to make environmental improvements that will benefit people and wildlife, this survey will be used to help us with this application and project planning.

Shire Brook Valley is a large site with multiple entrance points, however as a guide, you can access the site via Stone Lane, S13 7BR.

If you, or someone else you know would like a paper copy of this survey, please let us know.

Publishing/Privacy Statement 

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We may use your comments within a press release or online (social media or website). Your responses will remain anonymous, unless you agree at a later date that you are happy for your name to be linked to your comments.

Updating and removing contact details
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Image Credits:

Emperor Dragonfly image: Simon Dell -

Shirebrook Valley meadow image: Sue Davey

What Happens Next

We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Thank You for taking part in this survey.

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  • Westfield
  • Woodhouse
  • Woodseats
  • Wybourn


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