Spider Park (Wisewood) - Consultation

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Closes 31 Jul 2020

Site Specific Questions

1. Spider Park: Concept drawing designed in 2013

Concept Drawing 2013

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2. Previous consultation undertaken in 2013 highlighted that a ‘high-quality playground’ was a priority for the community. Do you feel this is still the top priority for the site?
3. If yes, what type of ‘Play’ features would you like to see created? (Please tick all that apply)

Example pictures of 'Play'

4. Would you like to see a mini pump track? e.g. low mounds and berms for bikes and scooters for all ages and abilities.

Example of a mini pump track

5. Creation of an informal skate, bike and social area? e.g. benches with skateable features
6. Would you like to see a multi-sport goal end on the site for ball games? e.g. football and basketball

Example picture of a multi-sport goal end

7. Would you like to see tree planting and other natural improvements such as wildflower areas?

Natural Improvements: Picture Board

8. Would you like space provided for sitting, socialising and community events?

Access, Social & Community: Picture Board

9. Are there any ‘Urban Sports’ facilities that you’d like to see created e.g. Skateboarding, Scoot, Parkour, Gym Equipment etc.? (Please rank which you see as the priority)

Urban Sports: Picture Board

10. Please use the key below to tell us which part of the park you would like to see any of the items referred to above located in.

Spider Park: Map

11. What age ranges should the play, sport, and fitness equipment cater for? Please rank which you see as the priority (1-4).
12. If you have any further ideas or comments on the new Spider Park please feel free to add them below.