Central Area Strategy

Closed 26 Mar 2020

Opened 26 Feb 2020


Map showing boundary of the Central Area


We would like to hear your views on what it’s like to live, work and spend time in Sheffield City Centre (see map above).

In particular, we want to know why people have chosen to live in the city centre and what would need to change to make it a location of choice for more people. 

Why We Are Consulting

Your views will help our appointed consultants, Deloitte Real Estate and Planit-IE, to develop a ‘Central Area Strategy’. Their input will provide a fresh perspective on how we can make the City Centre a more attractive place to live, work and spend time in.

There has been a lot of investment in Sheffield City Centre in recent years – such as the Heart of the City 2 development and new shops and things to do on The Moor – and the Strategy will help us build on that momentum.  The Strategy will also help us to respond to the Climate Emergency that we declared in 2019 by showing how city centre living can help us to live more sustainably and look after our city for future generations. 

This survey is part of an informal engagement programme to help our consultants prepare the Strategy. The Strategy will then form part of the Local Plan which will guide development in the whole of the city until 2038.  A version of the Local Plan called ‘Issues and Options’ is due to be fully consulted upon in summer 2020. After that, the final draft of the Local Plan will be due for consultation in 2021.

Privacy notice

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What Happens Next

Thank you for filling in the survey. Your answers and comments will help our consultants, Deloitte Real Estate and Planit-ie, prepare the Central Area Strategy.  The Central Area Strategy will inform the Local Plan so we will report on the results of this survey during the Local Plan process that is beginning this summer with the ‘Issues and Options’ consultation.


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