Cleaner Greener Safer Resident Survey

Closed 26 Mar 2021

Opened 9 Feb 2021


We want every part of our city to have a clean physical environment; to be somewhere where people feel safe and secure; to be an environment that people treat with respect; and to be a place that people have pride in.

The Council is committed to making every part of the city a good place to live and wants to work with residents, local businesses and organisations to make local areas cleaner, greener, and safer. This includes things like:


  • Keeping the local area clean by reducing fly tipping, litter, and graffiti
  • Managing household waste and recycling
  • Cleaning the streets


  • Taking care of the city’s trees
  • Keeping parks and green spaces, including allotments, clean and welcoming
  • Making it easy for people to walk and cycle as a way of getting around and to local shops and services


  • Keeping local areas safe by tackling neighbour nuisance and anti-social behaviour
  • Improving the safety of local roads 

Why we are consulting

We are carrying out a resident survey in Beighton Village, Chapeltown, Halfway, Walkley and Westfield to find out more about the things that matter to you.

If you have not received a letter from the Council inviting you to take part, there is no need for you to complete this survey. If you live in one of these areas, this is a chance for you to tell us what you like about where you live, what you dislike about where you live, and to suggest what the Council, residents, local businesses, and organisations could do to make your local area cleaner, greener, and safer

Permission to use your response

In submitting a response, you give us permission to include your comments in our results. This could include sharing the content of your response, but not your personal details, in public documents. 


  • Beighton


  • Anyone from any background


  • Targeted