Grey to Green 2

Closed 23 Mar 2018

Opened 5 Mar 2018


Castlegate and some areas around it have been in decline for many years, partly to do with relocation of large retailers and the poor quality of the local environment. Yet it remains a main gateway into the City Centre and forms the setting of the route to and from most central hotels in Sheffield and the regenerated rivers and canal.

The ‘Grey to Green 2’ project proposes to make Castlegate and Exchange Street a location for new investment, cutting edge businesses as well as attracting additional city centre living. There is growing evidence that there is interest from the private sector. However, the existing unpleasant environment with poor air quality and redundant road space, does not provide the setting to materialise this investment.

With primarily funding from the Sheffield City Region and Sheffield City Council, the project will incorporate colourful meadows, trees and a sustainable drainage system which reduces flooding risk. It will also improve and link up walking and cycling routes which should dramatically enhance the experience of visiting, living and working in the area as well as providing a setting for new development opportunities in the area and supporting existing businesses and civic buildings through new footfall.

Grey to Green Phase 1 (between West Bar Green and Lady’s Bridge) was completed in 2016 and has been very successful in enhancing the image of the area and attracting  new investment and footfall. Subject to the outcome of the consultation as well as further design and firming up the budget, work on Phase 2 is anticipated to commence in January 2019 with completion expected by December 2019.

Documents for download and details of consultation events can be found at the very bottom of this page

Why We Are Consulting

We have included below a presentation which explains in detail the background to the project, proposed interventions and timescales.

A Council led team of highway, traffic and landscape designers has produced an initial ‘Concept Plan’ (attached below) which identifies the key interventions included in the scheme.

Some of the road layout changes that the Grey to Green Phase 2 project proposes can only be introduced following the making of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). We have attached a Traffic Regulation Order plan below which explain these changes in detail. In particular:

a)    the closure of Castlegate to vehicles (except for loading). This means that this route can no longer be used to access the Wicker for buses and general traffic. Access arrangements to and from the Wicker can be seen on the document attached below.

b)    the proposed bus gate on Blonk Street (in the direction of the Wicker)

c)    Environmental weight restriction on Exchange Place (between Furnival Road and Blonk Street) and

d)    revised access arrangements on Castle Street / Waingate

We have also attached a Frequently Asked Questions document below, to help answer any questions that you may have

Consultation Arrangements

We are consulting stakeholders and occupiers to seek their views on the proposals. The consultation starts on Thursday,1st March 2018 and will conclude on Friday, 23rd March. You are invited to give your views on the proposals at one of the planned consultation sessions:

Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 11am until 2pm ‘drop in’ session (with a formal presentation 12.30 until 1.00 pm) or

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 4.00 until 7.00pm ‘drop in session (with a formal presentation 5.30 – 6.0 pm)

Both events will take place at OVO Spaces, Terminal Warehouse 2,

Wharf St, Victoria Quays, Sheffield S2 5SY

For further information and or to send or give comments, please contact

Lucia Lorente-Arnau (Project Co-ordinator). You can email her: or telephone 0114 2736673

You can also have a look at the proposals on line (from 5th March 2018), where you can also complete a questionnaire:

The Traffic Regulation Order consultation is a legal process and it will be advertised on Thursday1st March 2018 with a closing date for the submission of any comments and/or objections in writing by Friday, 23rd March 2018.

It is recognised that you may have questions or suggestions specifically about the TRO’s. If you do, please email

If you wish to speak to someone regarding the TRO’s, call Andrew Marwood on 0114 273 6170. Andrew will also be available for comments at the above consultation sessions on 6th and 7th March at OVO Spaces, Victoria Quays.

Should objections be received, we will first of all consider these and determine if any changes can be made to address any concerns. Should this not be possible and objections remain outstanding, the matter will be reported to the Council’s Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport, who will make a decision on how to proceed.

We are looking forward to hearing your views on the Grey to Green 2 project and the Traffic Regulation Orders it will require.



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