Household Waste Recycling Centres - Opening times

Closed 28 Feb 2021

Opened 29 Jan 2021


There are five Household Waste Recycling Centres in Sheffield.  These sites are provided for Sheffield residents to dispose of their household waste including furniture, electrical equipment, garden waste, soil and rubble and general household rubbish.

This consultation will take around 1 minute to complete and simply asks for you view on whether you think the site opening hours should be changed to accommodate more visits in the morning.  

If you would like to give your opinion on the current service provided at Household Waste Recycling Centres, we have a seperate survey open for you to complete. 

Why we are consulting

Between April and September, the sites are open between 10am and 6pm (Summer opening hours).   

Sometimes, we find that cars queue outside the sites before 10am as they wait for the gates to open.  Recognising that there is demand to use the sites in the early morning, we want you to tell us if you would prefer the sites to open and close earlier.

Please note that we understand that the popularity of the sites means they get busy during other hours of the day.  We are working on some longer term improvements, however this change to the opening hours is something that we can do quickly and easily which is why we are consulting on this now.  

What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

We will provide a summary of the results of the consultation on this page, and so watch this space.


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