Parkwood Springs Draft Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document Consultation

Closed 5 Dec 2018

Opened 23 Oct 2018


Looking south towards the City Centre from above Wardsend Cemetery

Why We Are Consulting


Parkwood Springs is 150 hectares of open space on the slopes of the Upper Don Valley between Hillsborough and Burngreave, only 1 mile from the City Centre. It rises steeply above the River Don to 176 metres above sea level, affording stunning views across the city and the Peak District National Park beyond.

Fifteen years ago, with the exception of the Ski Village, Parkwood Springs was struggling; the quality of green space was poor and anti-social behaviour was rife in every part of the site. However, a lot of hard work by the local Friends’ groups and the City Council has made some significant improvements. The southern area has made huge progress and Wardsend Cemetery has become a valued asset.

The journey has been tough, however, and the work is far from complete. The fires at the Ski Village have brought a complete decay of this much loved facility, and the area above the cemetery needs attention to bring it up to a better standard – an open space that's clean, welcoming and safe.

We are seeking your views on the Parkwood Springs Draft Masterplan. It presents vision for the site over the next 10 years. In particular, we would like to know if we’ve got the vision and objectives right and if you agree with the indicative key projects for the site.

Please note: Any information you provide will remain anonymous.  We will not share any personal contact details that you may decide to share with us.  Your responses will be used to refine and prioritise the project ideas.

What Happens Next

Thank you for filling in this questionnaire.

We will use your answers and comments to create the final version of the Masterplan before it is presented for approval to the Council’s Cabinet.




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