Consultation About Tree Obstructing The Carriageway Outside 20 Hollythorpe Rise S8 (our reference AA1659)

Closed 30 Mar 2021

Opened 9 Mar 2021

Results expected 31 Mar 2021

Feedback expected 2 Apr 2021


A tree located outside 20 Hollythorpe Rise has been identified for replacement as it is obstructing the road. The tree is an Acer platanoides, ,more commonly known as a Norway Maple.

A Road Safety Assessment (RSA) has been completed for this tree.

The tree has a history of being struck by high sided vehicles as the trunk leans over the carriageway by approximately 30cm, which is deemed to be a collision risk.  

There is evidence of historical damage to the tree trunk and reports of at least two incidents where vehicles have sustained damage.

As a result, the tree was fitted with a reflective strip and has semi-permanent traffic management in place to divert high-sided vehicles away from the overhanging stem.

It is not possible to prune the tree back to bring it in line with the kerb because to do so would involve removing the entire top of the tree and reducing the tree to a stump of only a few metres in height.

Streets Ahead have considered a permanent engineering solution for this site known as a "build out". This is a permanent traffic calming measure which would reduce the road down to a single lane around the tree.

The CAVAT Value of this tree is deemed to be £28,600 

CAVAT is a system used by tree officers to provide a monetary value for the services a tree provides to the community around it.

The estimated costs for the changes to the road to retain this tree are approximatley 20% of this tree's CAVAT valuation. 

This consultation is to establish whether residents want the tree to be removed and replaced, or for the engineering solution to be explored further.

If the tree was to be removed, we propose to replace the tree with an Acer monspessulanum (Montpellier maple) in the verge outside 20-22 Hollythorpe Rise.

Why we are consulting

The Sheffield Tree Partnership have developed the draft Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Working Strategy.  This sets out our commitment to explain to local residents the reasons behind decisions to remove trees, and provide the opportunity to challenge these decisions through an open and transparent process.

A copy of the draft strategy is available at:

What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

We will provide a summary of the results of the consultation on this page, and so watch this space.


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