Allotment rents 2024/2025 survey

Closed 21 Oct 2022

Opened 6 Oct 2022


Photograph of an allotment

All tenants of Sheffield City Council allotments are invited to take part in a survey regarding proposed rents for 2024/2025 (you will be aware that rents for allotments are set a year in advance).

As in previous years we are proposing that allotment rents are increased in line with inflation which this time would be 9.4% (based on inflation at the start of the consultation, CPI ONS June 2022). All our existing concessions would remain in place (see Allotments | Sheffield City Council for details). We have increased our rents in line with inflation for a number of years to ensure that we are able to continue to deliver the same services whilst covering increasing costs (such as tree work, rubbish and asbestos removal, and installation of security fencing). All income collected from allotment rents goes into the allotments budget. Consultation is usually via the Allotment Advisory Group for an increase in line with inflation, but we are aware that inflation this year is high and some members of the Allotment Advisory Group have expressed some concerns so we want to give all tenants the opportunity to express their views directly. Please note that as rents are set on an annual basis, this decision refers to the proposed 2024/2025 increase only.


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