Consultation About A Dying Tree on Banner Cross Road outside 87 (our reference 12046010)

Closed 7 Sep 2022

Opened 17 Aug 2022

Feedback expected 9 Sep 2022

Results updated 14 Sep 2022

There were 12 responses to this consultation

83.33% agreement with fell

(the two that objected did so on the basis that they felt the tree had not yet declined to the point of being dangerous)

91.67% agreement with replant location

(the one objector had concerns with blocking of visibility)

33% yes / 50% no / 16.67% “don’t know” no replant species

This was therefore taken to Street Tree Partnership with regards to the replanting species.

Mixed feedback was recieved from Partnership members as to how to proceed, however a majority voiced an opinion for the proposed Eucommia ulmoides to be changed to be an Ulmus "New Horizon" (Dutch Elm Disease Resistant Elm tree).

Works will therefore proceed on that basis. 


An Acer pseudoplatanus (commonly known as a Sycamore tree) has been identified on Banner Cross Road outside 87 as dying.

An assessment carried out by our tree experts identified that the tree had extensive crown dieback, with approx 60% of the crown volume being dead or dying.

The tree is deemed to have less than 5 years safe useful life remaining, and is therefore not suitable for safe retention in this position. 

Once removed, we propose to replace the tree with a Eucommia ulmoides (Rubber Tree) in the same location as the original tree.

Why your views matter

The Sheffield Tree Partnership have developed the Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Strategy.  This sets out our commitment to explain to local residents the reasons behind decisions to remove trees, and provide the opportunity to challenge these decisions through an open and transparent process.

A copy of the strategy is available at:

What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

We will provide a summary of the results of the consultation on this page, and so watch this space.


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