Clean Air Plan 2021 Consultation - General Public

Closed 17 Dec 2021

Opened 22 Nov 2021


This survey is intended to be completed by:

  1. Anyone who has a general interest in the Clean Air Zone (not businesses), or
  2. Individuals (not a business) who believe they may drive/own a non-compliant vehicle and may therefore be charged for driving within the Clean Air Zone. Please note: private cars will not be charged to drive within the Clean Air Zone (unless they are licensed as a taxi).

If you drive/own a bus, coach, taxi, Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) and/or Light Good Vehicle (LGV) and are filling out this survey on behalf of your business (including sole traders), or are responding from a business perspective, you should instead complete the consultation for businesses and organisations, which can be found here


Before you start...

This survey will ask you questions about the type of vehicles you own and how many. It will also ask you whether your vehicles are compliant or non-compliant with the standards of the Category C Clean Air Zone.

Therefore, before you begin the survey, you need to check whether your vehicles are likely to be compliant or non-compliant. This will help you know if you would be charged to drive in the Clean Air Zone, and whether you may be able to apply for financial support to replace your vehicle with one that meets the Clean Air Zone standards.

To give you an indication of whether your vehicle is non-compliant or compliant (and therefore whether it will or will not be charged to drive in the Clean Air Zone), you can use the following official link for the Bath Clean Air Zone**. Bath’s Clean Air Zone is already live and is similar to the Clean Air Zone planned for Sheffield (although exemptions and financial mitigation support might differ).

**Please note: When using the Bath Clean Air Zone vehicle checker website, please note that it provides a guide only to whether you could be charged in Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone. The vehicle checker link will take you away from this survey so we recommend that you copy and paste the link into a separate tab.

A definitive online vehicle compliance checker will be available for Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone ahead of the launch date in autumn 2022.

Why your views matter

Air pollution contributes to 500 deaths a year in Sheffield, causing strokes, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Diesel and older vehicles are a major source of air pollution.

Vulnerable groups, including the elderly and people with respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis, and young children, face particular health risks.

People living in areas where pollution levels are high are particularly affected, but most of us are impacted. Drivers in queueing traffic are especially susceptible to breathing in the most polluted air. Air pollution is also an issue for cyclists and pedestrians. As a result, the need to take action is clear.

To address this, in 2018, national Government legally directed Sheffield City Council and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to introduce a Clean Air Zone (or other appropriate and effective measures) to ensure that levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO) are brought within safe legal limits in the shortest possible time.

Sheffield City Council and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council submitted their Clean Air Plan Outline Business Case to central Government, which included proposals for a Category C+ Clean Air Zone, in December 2018, and in summer 2019 we consulted the public on those plans, receiving over 12,000 responses.

Our plans were approved by central government in February 2020. However, the onset and impact of Covid-19 in March 2020 prompted Sheffield City Council review its Category C+ proposals to ensure they represented the most suitable response to deliver clean air.

Having concluded the review, we now want to reconsult with the public and gather views to inform our plans, and allow us to proceed to implement the necessary measures by the end of 2022.


Data Protection

All data will be held by Sheffield City Council (SCC) and will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Information provided, including personal information, in response to this survey will only be published in aggregate form or anonymised. However, should you consent, SCC will keep your details so they can contact you further regarding this consultation and the Clean Air Plan.

You can read SCC's Privacy Notice here

If you decide you no longer wish for your personal information to be stored, you have a right to have the relevant information deleted.  Please contact before the survey ends on Friday 17th  December 2021 if you wish to have your personal data deleted.


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