Consultation on the Removal of BT Payphone in the Sheffield Area - Junction of Tom Lane and Fulwood Road, Nether Green

Closed 1 Jul 2019

Opened 21 May 2019


Ant Kids Charity would like to take ownership of this telephone kiosk under BT’s adopt a kiosk programme.  Further details can be found at

BT are therefore proposing to remove the payphone service at this location.  (Irrespective of the outcome of the consultation, the payphone equipment would not be removed if Antkids charity did not proceed with the adoption).  


Why your views matter

BT have already put a notice in the kiosk on the 17 May 2019.

The Council are collating views on the permanent removal of this telephone service, to allow Antkids charity to proceed with adopting the phonebox.


  • Fulwood


  • General Public


  • Planning Policy Changes and Consultation